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December 2016: A Time of Cheer!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! November and December have been festive months and full of new characters. Without further ado… New Characters Novice Zarayne, written by Craig Novice Nasrin Naceri, written by Locke Novice Sahara Dar’veen, written by Elyssa Soldier Jaren Marle, written by Elan Aes Sedai Saowynn Ardashir of the Green Ajah, written by […]

October 2016: New Faces


In October, the Grey Tower had an influx of new writers, which we are all very excited about. We are always happy to embrace new writers with open arms! New Characters Soldier Zuin Faera, written by Cal Novice Velvaen Tamaril, written by Garrett Drin Alerin al’Nai, written by Drune Soldier Caidal, written by Yuoaman Soldier […]

The New Flame and Fang


Please join me in congratulating Jenn on joining the Triumvirate as the Fang of Hama Valon! Her character Zarius Iiro, formerly Captain-General of the Green Ajah, as been raised to M’Hael of the Grey Tower and becoming of all Ajahs and none. Marla has shifted from her position as M’Hael to become the Amyrlin Seat. […]

September 2016: A Shift of Seasons


September has been wrought with changes. From the stepping down of Bella (Miahala Sedai) as Amyrlin Seat to the birth of a baby to one of the most unlikely star-crossed couples, it is an exciting time to be at the Tower. We are grateful to Bella for her service as Amyrlin Seat. She has done […]

August 2016: Times of Chaos


Once again, it is time to take a look at the past. The month of August has been as busy as usual for the Tower. Welcome home, everyone! New Characters Novice Janine Alastarn, written by Quibby Novice Ella Pelion, written by Jayden Accepted Liaran din Chelai Morning Star, written by Alianora Asha’man Maever Donovan, written by […]

In Wake of Tragedy


Due to the tragic events in this thread, the M’Hael Jaryd has been replaced by Rodric Amadeo, and the position of Keeper of the Chronicles is (for the present) regrettably vacant. Kaia Ariasca Sedai, rest in peace. May you shelter in the palm of the Creator’s hand, and your memory never fade.

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In preparation for the Final Battle, Tarmon Gai'don, when the forces of good and evil will fully and finally come face to face, both Asha'man and Aes Sedai, with their warders by their sides, have banded together in the Grey Tower to prepare and to fight the Shadow where ever it may be found in the here and now..